Gig tomorrow

Tomorrow is our last gig until Easter time that we know of. We have two fifteen minute sets in the afternoon. Our first set has songs Like.. Our on the Ocean, Foggy Dew, Cahnter's tune, Fortune from Feller/I'se the By and Banshee/Colleys' reel and Gravel Walks. The second set has Gravel Walks again, Star of the County Down, Emilie's dancing to Cahnter's, Butterfly and St Anne's reel. I am definitely forgetting some. This will be Tilly's first performance with us playing bass. I think it will sound good even though we haven't gotten together lately with everyone because Marla nd Emilie are busy. I'm exctied to play there because many people there will know the words and recognize the songs and enjoy the show more than the people of Walden.
After that I have no idea what I'm doing for March break.