We're Successful!

Me, Emilie and the Harings are started to get paid for gigs! The other night we did two fiddle/Irish music workshops and we got two more gigs. We're soposed to open for some Canadian Idol guy real soon and the other gig is just a tiny two song thing.
The Canadian Idol thing is a huge workload though. It's on the 11th or 12th, I don't remember. We need 45 mins of music and we found out a few days ago. Exams just started and our first practice since then was cancelled today due to some 25 cm of snow...
We plan to have practices pretty much every day after we finish exams as long as we can find a place to. Emilie also plans to teach me and the Harings some dance stuff because she doesn't want to be the only one dancing all the time.
I dunno how much we're getting paid, but she said she usually does $100 and hour. I'm excited to play.


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