We need your money.

The band this year is so poor, no one wants us to have money. We're not poor in sound or anything, and this year we've worked harder than any of the past years and it's not just grade twelves helping out this year. So far, we need lots of money to get to Halifax, our biggest fundraiser failed and grade nines are (mostly) a bunch of hosers.
So our biggest annual fundraiser (the Christmas Walk craft show) for the band made very little money. It happened this year on Rememberance day weekend, and on the same day as Lo Ellen Park's craft show who had far more small amount off the trip this year. Then we bring the money the bank and realise someone paid with three counterfeit $50 bills. So after our least successful walk we lose $150. According to people at various cashes there it was the same person, buying very cheap things and getting lots of change back. But come on, who steals from a charity event?
Speaking of stealing, it is a new hobby of some grade nines here. It's obvious that they steal things because it all goes missing during their class. The first few things belonged to members of the band personally, but the other seven instruments "went missing". Five flutes and two trumpets are gone, and if we need to replace them we will not have money left for anything let alone a trip to Halifax (24 hours drive, plus stops) and yes Canada has higher gas prices than the states those hosers. If this stuff continues the music room is going to be locked, to us as well. Which would be pretty sad if you knew the place.
So with a combination of bad fundraising, theft, and a hells explensive trip and festival to go on/to, we are not going to pull it off unless the school helps us out for once. We never get dress down days to us, and they deny almost all fundraisers that actually involve the school and students. Me and some others are going to try to raise our own money, because people are out to get the band and their money this year. I owe Kathleen $150 too.

On the plus side, I've started lessons with Brenda Aerosmoth. Which is better than any of those schmoes I mentioned earlier, except maybe for Jack Gordon but he lives far. So far I have had one lessons with her for flute, and they're going until Christmas then starting again. For piano, I have one left, then I can start them again after Christmas as well. You guys should see all of my sheetmusic from like a million years ago. It's mostly super cool. Although mostly for piano and voice. Still super cool.


At December 03, 2005 12:49 p.m., Blogger AJ said...

Ooh! *is a sucker for sheet music*

I hope you guys get the money to do that stuff. Stealing is wrong, and the people who do it need to learn that lesson...the hard way.


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