Idly idle dee

I found my good tinwhistle! :D
Which is good, because my other one has a crack. The crack doesn't affect it really, but I'm afraid I'll make it worse, so it's really nice to have my good one. :)
I did an audition thingy for the talent show deal with Emily and some Harings doing some fiddle and Irish dance stuff. I kinda faked it the second time through because I was tired because it was halfway through band practice, but I'm sure we got in anyway.
Last night us strings folk played at some fancy hotel for some fancy party with no chairs. They fed us, and paid us $500!
Next weekend some Harings and more stringsenites are busking in the Hanmer mall and giving money to people who need it for band trip because of our money woes. It's totally better than selling crap.


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