Holy cow blogs

I had no idea anyone still wrote in their blogs. Last time I checked, Seb took a break from his, Reno quit writing and Mum's computer crashed, and I look back today and they all have recent updates. Clyde is the only one I thought would be keeping it up.
What's even more surprising is that after posting here yesterday, I have a comment. That means that my blog has been checked regularly since before I went to Montreal even though I didn't post in a month or something. Less than a month. Still, I though all blogs had just died.
Maybe I'll read/ update more now. Maybe I'll be too busy. Maybe I'll forget.


At December 05, 2005 10:30 a.m., Blogger AJ said...

Every single blog on my list, I check regularly.

I've been checking yours ever since you started it. I just don't comment much.

Yes, I have a bad habit of keeping up with blogging. >_>


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