So I haven't got a costume or anything yet, but I am pretty excited for Halloween. Maybe it will be a let down, but from what I hear it will be awesome. At first I thought it would blow because Colleen was going out of her way to not invite Sarah. But the other day she was really trying to convince her to go, because she started making other plans with people Colleen likes. Also I would have probably gone with Sarah's crew just because Kathleen would be my ride and stuff. Colleen says Terrence and Cody are going though, which convinced a lot of people. I am excited to see them, although it is weird. I thought the last time I would really hang out with them would be that reunion. This could be good though.
It mostly depends what happens. I don't know why I have the feeling someone will get in a fight and it will be really bad. It's only ever happened really badly once... but it happens often, just not as bad. At least we won't be bored.


Again with the lessons.

I have a piano lesson in 20 minutes. I think it's my third one, I'm not sure though because it was screwed up for thanksgiving. I haven't really practiced too much but she doesn't expect much from me I guess I've already done better than she thought I would. I onyl have trouble knowing which fingers to use and learning to read bass clef. It's harder to learn to read than alto clef because I just figured out where on the staff my open strings were and went form there but this is all keys that are all the same.
For flute lessons I am less screwed than I thoguth I was, but still pretty damn screwed. Allan Walsh's only time to take me is exactly when wind ensemble ends and I don't want to quit wind ensemble really. I don't know if it's worth it, because damn I need lessons. Brenda said she just found out about a new flute teacher,a dn Mr Van said he cuold try to get Jack Gordon's number, although he lives in North Bay. I really don't want a student teacher.
Gotta get to that lesson now I guess.