Not Flute Lessons

Elise can't fit me in. She did give me Allan Walsh and Brenda Arrowsmith's phone numbers. I could use Allan's, as he'll probably end up my flute teacher. I see Brenda all the time now though because I joined wind ensemble. Like they need more flutes.
So I guess I'll be calling Allan pretty soon. I hear he smells.


Flute Lessons

There are two hours left in this Wednesday and I have not heard back from Elise.
She was about to put me with a third year college student as a teacher, named Candice. I didn't really like the idea of having a student teacher, as I've pretty much already had a student teacher (Sarah) for free. When the Toronto Symphony Orchestra came to Sudbury I went to a Masterclass where Candice played. It seemed like the things she was having trouble with were the same thigns I wanted to work on, so I told her I would rather be with Elise or Alan Walsh for these reasons.
I emailed Elise and told her how really really nice it would be to fit me in or I could call Alan Walsh. She told me there was no time at her house (except the day I have band) so I could do it at Cambrian College, which is close to my house anyway. She said she should know by Wedensday.
So it's Wednesday. Has been for a while... So I'm thinking I won't find out until the weekend.
I'm in no rush for flute lessons, but the problem comes with piano lessons. I did go for a student teacher for piano because I'm just starting and it costs less, but the students need to give lessons as part of the course. The reason I had to tell Candice so early was because she had to hurry up and find a new student, and I otld my piano teacher to wait until I had flute lessons sorted out so there were no conflicts. School started about a mnth ago and I still haven't gotten back to her, and if I did get back to her I would have nothing to tell her because Elise has not gotten back to me.
You can see why, for this whole ordeal I blame the French.


Good news!

I am taking music! I had to drop enriched Science, but I have a good Science teacher anyway. It won't be stupid. :)



So I'm not taking music.