Canada's really big

And so is Canada day. Every year, Canada day is a reason to live. For as long as I've had good friends, I've had good Canada days. We spend the day at the beach with the rest of the population of Greater Sudbury, watch the concerts, fireworks, and people over Ramsey lake and walk to the Keaney's afterward laughing at everyone stuck in traffic.
This year however, I expected would be just as awesome. Sarah invited everyone we've ever met (not literally) to come camping with us just outside of Chelmsford. Me and Kathleen were pretty sure we were going, but last minute my parents said we couldn't go, becuase they "knew the area". Which of course meant it's where my dad used to get drunk and ride dirtbikes, so they believe there will be a bunch of French guys out there getting drunk and riding dirtbikes.
I don't know what I'm going to do on Canada day. I had a few other friends I could have spent it with, but I'm not extremely close to them, and they have to work that day. Luckily they work at Science North, which is where the fesivities go down, but I dunno. I don't think they want to stay around after they're done working. =/
I do have the Northern Lights festival to look forward to, because Jorane and Natalie McMaster are playing on the same night. :) Although tickets are obscenely priced.
I'm pretty annoyed right now. Not really annoyed, but.. so far no one I've talked to has had a really amazing summer. Marla is fighting with Michaela, Josh is pissed about work, Kathleen is just.. Kathleen. She quit her job. Sheryll was really ...robot-esque yesterday. Colleen is doing better, but still has nerve damage, and even Heather's on the edge lately. The only people that really seem happy are Nursall, Steeev, and Andrew.. that I can think of. It sucks that everyone's leaving on such an unspectacular note.
*sigh* I don't know what I'm going to do for Canada day.


School is out!

I have a sunburn!


How does this happen to me?

Every one of my exams is in Mr Weicha's room. Litterally, the hottest room in the school. Lately it's been in the thirties (Celcius) which is flipping hot up here. I already wrote one exam in there, and every window was open, and being not as on time as I could have been, I got a crappy seat by the window, resulting in papers flying.
I really don't undrstand why they're ALL in there, he's not even one of my teachers, and Weicha isn't supervising any exams, or relieving any.
But at least I'm out of school after tomorrow.


There Twice was a Fish Named Gary

Miss Fahner read Gary to her English class apparently. They had to find some meaning to it.
It turns out Gary is insecure because of what the other fish though even though he was actually bald or something.