Why Josh and Heather?

I had a dream last night that me, Josh and Heather were going to go see Lord of The Rings in theatres. We wanted to see the first show, which was at 4:57AM.
We all intended to go to school the next day on time, which seemed realistic in the dream, but seeing how long the movies are that's pretty impossible. We figured if we just didn't sleep we'd pull it off.
The entire dream was us talking and trying to stay awake untill the movie started. We were talking as if we were best friends or something too, even though I don't believe Josh and Heather have ever met.
When Kathleen woke me up that morning I remember thinking that I slept through Lord of the Rings. Then I looked at the clock and it took a while to understand what time it was, and that it was a dream.



I don't mean to make one of those "No one reads this anyway I hate this blog" kind of posts.. but it's always such an effort to post. I'm not exactly quitting blogging, I'm just not going to make an effort to post often. I you called that often. I don't know if anyone does care about it, I'm not ging to assume no one does, or that anyone does. I do know that I don't care that much for this blog.


Stop throwing things in Gatchell.

There are not nice people who don't like it. And gangs.
That was one crazy birthday party.
But I got $20. I can buy Star Wars tickets that I lost. ^_^
I also got five Batterys, a bag of Zingy Zaps, and a cute little man made of a film canister playing a tambourine. And Sarah made a pinata and got cake. ^_^ We love her. And her mom, who scares away gangs. :P


Greetings from Sudbury

Not Chicago. This weekend hsa been boring if not bad. Everyone's in Chicago, except us poories and cripples, but we're going to have a poor man's band trip at Sassi's camp someday for anyone who couldn't go to Chicago.
The night before they left we had a party at Lex. Not the greatest party. It was pretty boring, and kindof stupid. Toma slept in another room for the whole thing, and Kathleen, Keenan and Cosh just left for a few hours.
Sadly, the highlight of this weekend was the part of it spent at Science North. Although it was the slowest day I've ever seen on fourth floor, but I guess that meant we didn't have to worry too much about the floor. Dan was there, who I never really talked to because he's one of the more imporant people, and because he's mostly in geology stuff on third floor, but apparently he's with us on our plans to "initiate" Mickey with a tazer. He suggested a cattle prod as well. >-) Also, they made a hovercraft. I knew it was trouble when I saw the leaf blower. It was actually pretty successful. *shrug* I realised at four that we're on summer hours now and we're open until 5, but I left anyway. My foot really hurt.
Yesterday after that, was evil. I hate the mall. Especially when it's closed and when it's a half hour walk there, and half hour back. So I didn't have a gift for Mother's day.
Today I went shopping again, but it was also crappy. I was sick because of the sun, so I bought a Vanilla Coke. Yeah yeah, it was the closest vending machine. I didn't buy anything for Colleen and Heathen, but I have an idea of what I'm getting them, but you can only get the CDs they want downtown. I did get mom a gift though, it was just a little late. ^^; Hey mother's day isn't over yet.
I think Kathleen's radio show is on..


It all went downhill from there, now it's kindof a straight line.

I just erased half a pretty long blog entry, I can't really go on or pussyfoot around. I'm better with bluntness I guess.
So insteading of recounting the whole day, I'm going to just say equally unimportant points, but with much less rambling.
In classes, no one really called me on the homework I couldn't get done last night. So the day was already going better than I had anticipated. (which was very bad)
Lunch was pretty enjoyable, no uncomfortable moments, nothing to highlight, except the recounting of an earlier spat of Miss King vs Sarah Jazz and Sassi. Sassi has an appointment with the vice tomorrow about Miss King's actions. o_0
We were told at lunch that we need to clean up the back room. We all knew it needed to be cleaned, and often tried setting rules to keep it decent, today we made strict plans to remove any personal items.
Right before band Mr Van comes back and tells me and Heather (who were there early because we both have music last) that we will be the first to hear that the furniture will be gone on Friday. I quite liked the music room last year without the furniture, but these couches actually belonged to people. Are the staff going to throw them out? Keep them? As far as we know they have no plans to give them to the students who brought the couches in. And the furniture wasn't the only change, they painted the room, moved the instruments, it took them forever. It will either take them a summer again, or it will look incredibly tacky.
I hate to single out someone to blame this on, but I really think a lot of it was because of Ray. She's really been pissing people off lately. She doesn't sleep at home, so she skips class and sleeps in the music room. One of the reasons for taking the couches was because it seemed like a haven to skip classes, or to avoid teachers, and Ray is the only one I find abusing it. Teachers know she's skipping, we all know she does, Mr Van doesn't like it either. The last time I saw Sarah try to convince her to go to class, for her own benefit, Ray didn't lift her head, and flipped Sarah an upside down bird. A few days later we recorded for provincials Kiwanis and Ray didn't show up. She said she was deathly ill, and I believe her, but the reason she was so deathly ill was most likely because she stays up untill four in the morning every day.
After band was a band trip meeting, which I didn't attend, as I'm no longer going to Chicago, although I was in the back room eavesdropping with Heather and Colleen. One girls mother interrupted the meeting she had been listening to to tell the band that she was appauled at their lack of respect when Mr Van is trying to talk to us, and that if she were him, she would leave. This was a little uncalled for. If she knew the band, she would not say that we disrespected him at all, even Mr Van was glaring at her when she made this little speech. This isn't how the band works at all, and if Mr Van thought this way, or disrespected us enough to tell us he's appauled that we talk when he's in the room, THEN we wouldn't respect him. Hmm, kindof like Miss King huh.
The Chicago meeting was followed by a trip to the comics store, because we had been told that it was free comic book day today (and it wasn't an obvious prank, the day does exist) so I left my things in the music room while we went down. Sassi, Tilly and I went down to realise that today was apparently not international free comic book day. I went back to the school to find all five doors to the music room locked, and absolutely no one in the school. I have no homework, no backpack, no books, or CDs. This is the result.