There once was a guppy named Gary,
Whom the other fish thought was hairy,
Which is funny, because he's a fish.
The end.


"All Star Stalker"

And I wasn't the only one!

All star band is a three day event that happens once a year. During NOMF (mentioned in earlier posts) They pick out the best players of all the bands that play, and bring them to Sudbury for 3 days to be in a band together. I wasn't nminated because I'm in grade nine, but I took a billet (who apparently got almost to Amber (there is a p in her name but I don't remember where (brackets in brackets in brackets! =O)) level with Kyla. It took Amber three years to get on Amber level with Kyla!)and went to some rehearsals, because of the billet. The first night I found two more rejects to keep me company. These were the other stalkers. I was rejected for being too young, Tai was for being too old, and well, Lex is legally tone deaf.
I find it ironic that becuase of all the time I spent with the band I barely got to practice. Now that I do have time to practice though, it's been after pit band, and I guess I'm warmed up after that or something, but I've been playing really well in the lower register. Probably because pit band music isn't terribly high, but I'm playing really well overall. But now I'm shot, which is hard to do with flute.
The flute clinic man had a silver and gold open holed flute with a b foot joint and no adjustment screws. *sigh*. I don't need a flute like that though... I'd be happy with this: http://www.marshwoodwinds.com/ViewItem.asp?ItemID=613&Action=GetAllItems
It's also about $9000 cheaper... But for grade nine a closed hole c foot selmer is fine. Stupid lockerby, and their french model flutes for people who can't even play them. Gary Wu is horrible at flute! I thought I would let you know.
This post probably seems inconsistant because between writing it's been sitting in an open window for a few hours. I'm just happy because I was playing well earlier.


Why I am Bad at Creative Writing

I feel bad because I go to Creative Writing every week and never have anything to contribute. Soon we are having a 'poetry competition' against St Charles, and I'm realising why I never contribute. I'm not creative. So why am I in creative writing? I like writing. So you can see why this confuses me.
How do I write if I'm not creative? In the past, I always wrote poetry for assignments or contests, where they would tell me a subject and give me a time limit, and I would write about that subject in the time given time. Even then, I always spent eighty percent of the time I had having no idea what I was going to write and wrote out something in the last twenty. Creative wrting, and this contest require creativity, and give you all the time you need (well, maybe not the contest), so I either never think of anything, or never get around to it.
As far as my grades are concerned, it's a good thing creative writing is a club and not a class, but for personal gain, it's not working as well. When all we do is bring in work we've done over the week and read it to the others, I don't get much done. In a class I think I would have been assigned things, and I wouldn't be allowed to procrastinate this much. In a class also, I would keep better track of things and not be compared to seniors who are extremely good at writing... creatively.
Earlier in the year, I tried to do something for the group without really doing much writing, so I volunteered to start up a messageboard where we could post our work, some writing games, and news or contest updates, but Miss Fahner is 'freaked out' by the idea of her work being on the Internet (cough http://www3.sympatico.ca/scrivener/youmust.html). Miss Fahner told one of the girls who was having trouble with diologue that a famous author she had met told her that he found an effective way to write, especially diologue, was to eavesdrop. So I feel like I'm mostly eavesdropping by still attending meetings. So really, I could be a great writer, know all of their tricks. Still not very creative.


That Pope was Awesome.

I'm not even Catholic.

The Terri Schiavo thing was ridiculous though.


What's on the b side?

Is it possible for a group to be overly individual?
I know it's hard to see an individual group.... but I think that because we are all so individual, and so non-mainstream that we don't even know what mainstream is anymore. It feels cut off in a way. It's gotten to the point in our friends that majority is minority. I could not name you one friend that is religious, or one that follows MuchMusic, or one that hasn't heard of Final Fantasy. Two of my friends even jokingly started the Straight Support Group for our straight friends. Probably a minority, or..close enough.
It's used to be that, I didn't care that people were talking about the latest celebrities or songs that everyone listened to, because it was my choice to listen to other music, or devote my attention to something else, but lately I don't even know what peole are talking about. I don't watch much TV anymore, or listen to popular radio, so I haven't heard of so many things people have conversations about. I didn't even know what Napolean Dynamite was untill someone explained that that's what everyone was quoting lately, but this was soon after it was released, now I am certainly in the loop about Napolean Dynamite. And I do not know what to say about it.
The title is from an episode of Boy On a Stick and Slither.
The boy on a stick suggests to the snake that everything has already happened, and that we're all "just needles on the record of time... in a groove going around and around"
The snake asks, "What's on the B side?"
That's my new philosophy. Although, I kindof feel like I'm on the b side right now.