Planes for the Future Update

We did this ages ago, but I never thought to update it untill now. Me and Sassi have decided on the full names of our children, as well as the order of the last names. They are as follows:
Reginald Edward Norman Oswald Schofield-Murray (M)
Allis-Alistair Schofield-Murray (M)
Niklaryn Ian Schofield-Murray (M)
Veralidaine Maureen Schofield-Murray (F)
Evangeline Hypatia Discordia Schofield-Murray (F)
Luciano-Draconis Briar Schofield-Murray (M)
Abhoracelli Kirsteen Lilith Schofield-Murray (F)
And we don't know if Cymbaline will be male or female, so he/she has two possible names:
Cymbaline -Siobhan Sora Battle Schofield-Murray (F)
OR - Cyanide Kianite Schofield-Murray (M)

Their teachers will love us.


Random Place to Wear a Tie:

Taco Bell.


I've missed you Internet.

Yesterday I returned to the internet after weeks of crappy wireless/crappy grandparents' computer. Their computer litterally has the outline of Freecell cards burned into the screen.
I couldn't use the schools computers because of March Break, but they block almost everything but the realm and MSN (Well, they block MSN, but you can get around it), but nobody's ever on during school. >.>
Yesterday there was soposed to be a gathering at the Keaneys' and we were mybe going to Kiwanis Highlights, but while Colleen was skiing in the states, she broke her femur, cracked her tibia, and got nerve damage in her foot. Bloody pole. Me and Sean went to Colleen's after Science North anyway. Her sisters and Max were there too, but we spent the whole time in her room, for obvious reasons. She has a cut all the way up her leg that is stapled instead of stitched. It looks cool. I feel really bad for Colleen though, she can't even go to school. :(
I got much less hurt when I went skiing. Calibogie must be the flattest hill I've ever skied on. Although the second day was stupidly icy.
This March Break however involved considerably less partying than expected, but two or three is okay. heh. Although, I've noticed, different groups of friends have very very different gatherings. When I went with the er, St Charles students, we watched movies, cartoons, and Star Trek all night, with a few video games. With the old group of friends, we always stay up having discussions about... actually, important things I guess. The regular group of friends just looks for something more I guess. We don't spend nights around a TV, we'll go to the park, or the arcade, play board games before thinking about going to a movie. We tried to show the St Charles kids, but they don't like playing Risk. Bastards. I guess they're allowed to like reruns of Family Guy.


Taking a Leaf from Clyde's Book.

Noticing weird connections to Reno. o_O
I have a friend that reminds me of Reno in so many ways. He's really musical, he's Irish (mostly) and is really into chemistry. Even the conversations we have on MSN resemble mine and Reno's, how we insult each other but don't mean it, then just say something random and meow. Very occasional serious conversations, but all enjoyable sure. Every time he mentions Chemistry or piano or something, I kindof laugh and call him Reno, but then he just kicks me or something.
During NOMF too, I heard someone call our percussionist Dave. This was really weird, everyone always calls him Davidy. When they called him Dave I just realised that he had the same name as Reno and it was really odd because I never noticed before. I'm thinking I should call Reno Davidy now, and Davidy Reno.... Evil.


Gold. *grins*

I didn't expect less, but it's still awesome. Northern Ontario Music Festival (nomf) *hehehe* is over now. It ended awesomely. We saw Chippewa play, (okay) and Elliot Lake (AWFUL) random bands all over. The concert bands weren't the higlight, but AFTER the crapp people played, they ended with some really awesome local proffesionals. The Northern Ontario Brass Choir played, with Charlotte Leonoard, that guy who went to St. Charles a long time ago, Peter Sherzinger, this cool tall guy on trumpet, and a cool french horn guy, the only really well known ones are the ones I know the names of, and the director Robert(?) Finlay.
After that was BROCHE A FOIN! WOOOOOOOO. I mean, download some Broche A Foin. Lamps. They roxxor my soxxors. Excuse my net speak. They have a (insert exclaimation that is more awesome than awesome) name Phillip (May?). The double bassist is Dick Van Raadshooven, my music teacher. He's also really cool. The saxophone guy was fantastic and I fell bad for not knowing his name. He and Peter Sherzinger on trumpet compose most of their music, with the exception of one that was written by a friend of the drummer. Broche a foin is a french expression for haywire by the way.
They were followed by the awards presentations. We got gold, and an invitation to nationals, but we're not going. When they adjudicate for NOMF, they record you, they record what they are saying while you play, and they have a page to write everything you need to work on. I looked at the page, and at the top the word " Adjudication:" was erased. The page was completely blank, but in the middle of the lage it said: "see tape" and the bottem right corner said gold. *grins*
And Colleen got into All Star Band! Woo! So did a lot of my friends, but not Jazz, and I wasn't nominated because I wasn't in the grade 10, 11, or 12 class. Stupid age. *fist shaking*
On a sadder note (no pun intended), this is the last year many of my friends will be in MaryMount's band. These are the people who introduced me to music and beat me untill I liked it. ;_; Mr. Van is really going to be sad too. He said this was the first time in many many years he's had a B400 band. And also, next year... Colleen will be section leader. We're not going to talk about that.
If this post seems kindof retarded, it's because I'm feeling excited/depressed about other things that I've ranted enough about in this blog/ got home too early for a Friday night.......
Not like anyone reads it. I don't know how many times that's been said in how many blogs, but I really think it's just AJ. *waves*