Sept Onze

This Friday I didn't go to DDR, and I'm very glad. If I haven't mentioned before, I hate noobs, and I hate Tori Rosrorkski.
But that isn't why I'm glad.
On Friday we had a 'rock show' type thing at the school to raise money for band. It was called seven11 and we had to all volunteer for it. I was doing tickets at the door with Colleen, Heather, and Seán mostly. When it slowed down we played Risk, but the game failed. They played the Numa Numa Dance. Hehehehe. Many a hilarity that night.
The nest day I volunteered at Science North. It was international Engineering week, so I spent two hours building a bridge out of K'NEX with Matieu. Sean came behind me and whispered that there would be liquid nitrogen ice cream downstairs in two minutes, so I got up. Mat asked me where I was going, and I could think of nothing else to do but throw a handful of K'NEX at him and run away. That was good ice cream. When I came back I was replaced, but I was able to sit on the bridge when it was between two chairs. :)
HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy comes out April 29th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alan Rickman plays Marvin, the suicidal robot. That made me laugh. Excitement.


Timpanis of Secrecy

Kiwanis Music Festival has been going on since Monday, and will untill Friday. A bunch of people in Sudbury go there and play with their concert band (cough), do solos, quartets, and mostly piano stuff. I think there's also public speaking.
On Tuesday our concert band played. We woned St. Charles College in every category. We got gold in everything, but who doesn't? I have honestly never seen anyone get lower than gold in Kiwanis. They're all freakin panseys.
Yesterday (wednesday) me, Colleen, and Toma went to St. Charles to watch some solo things in the morning. Stacy and Steve did a really good flute duet, Kenny and some other girl did a flute duet too, but they didn't do as well. Kenny was really dreading adjudication, but he got gold anyway (surprise surprise). Carl did a tuba solo. I don't hear many tuba solos..... He played okay, but it was an easy piece. CJ did really badly.... unfortunately, on his flugel solo. Everyone got gold though.
After this, I realised I hate St. Charles. With a flaming passion. During Kiwanis recess, we were kicked out of the hallway because we didn't have hall passes!?! We went into the caf and I sat on a table, which CJ told me I would get killed for. I sat down on the bench of the table, and they told me I wasn't allowed to have backpacks or jackets in the cafeteria. o_O Well fuck them I don't have a locker. When we left after lunch we were skipping toward the bus and all the smokers threw pop cans at us. heh. But the people I like were cool. It was nice to see them. ^_^
Today we had full band at the beginning of lunch, and the music room smelled really awful. Band went long and me and Sarah went for a walk outside after it was over. We talked about someone in the band, and about our own playing. When we went inside, we saw that the lights in the music hallway were off, and the timpanis were in the hallway, so we played around there. I know we're childish. ^_^ But we hid behind the timpanis.
"A perfect hiding spot." I said.
"Our secret lair!" She whispered loudly.
We were crouched behind the largest, and we heard someone come out of the music room, So we jokingly quieted down and listened in. But then we heard crying, and Mr. Van say 'Tell me what's wrong Brittany'. Me and Sarah panicked because we really didn't want to eavesdrop now, but we couldn't leave or she would see that we heard. Brittany started talking about how she can't play the Kiwanis piece, and she really won't. Mr Van started tapping his fingers on the timpani and Sarah shot a panicked look. He tried to reason with her, and turned on the light in the hallway. We still weren't seen. What seemed like a long time after, a janiter walked right by us, could not miss us, and didn't look twice. Finally she went into the music room, and me and Sarah ran down the hall to class.
Before fifth period Tilly came into the music room and told us that she didn't know what was wrong with Brittany, she was really high strung and went home. I couldn't really say anything but I suspected she was stressed about Kiwanis. I hope she feels okay soon. But I really can't believe we weren't found behind the timpanis.



From the begining of Febuary I have been thinking that. This winter just doesn't know what the hell is going on.
There is something wrong, if on Febuary first, in Northern Ontario, you see someone in huge winter boots and boxors. It is a problem when you spend the first week of Febuary skiing in t-shirts and still be warm. We have plans to go skiing on March Break.... if there is snow.
I hate spring. Passionately. It's happening too soon and must be stopped. The snowbanks are black right now, or water, and everything that the snow covered up get uncovered and gross, and smelly.
Some say that Spring leads to summer, so it isn't bad, but I don't particularly like summer. It's easy in winter to just go South for a while, but how easy is it to go North enough in Summer? Not as easy as sitting in a basement where there are more windows open on my computer than anywhere else.
This winter lasted a weekend. One weekend of -48 weather, then back to -10. I don't like it. Now it's been in the positives. In FEBUARY!
Oh, and in Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Spring is the worst movement.