Not me too!!

I had the strangest dream... involving realmanites. o_O I'm scared.
We were in a narrow room in a large building, where a nun told us to rise and sing the national anthem. I started singing O Canada in French, but everyone was singing a different anthem in some other language. The realmanits all looked mad at me and asked where I was from. We left the room and the others waited for me on some stairs to an exit. It turned out that we were all related and it was some sort of reunion, the only one who wasn't related was Mum. I asked him why then he was there, he said "I'm a friend of Mr. Wieler's." And Mr. Wieler was nowhere near there. o_O
I didn't go to the stairs immediately because there happened to be an EB Games store accross the hall. =P Earlier that day before I went to sleep my friend Tyrone had a bag of games he bought at EB to the arcade, and that bag was in the back of the store in my dream. Someone tried to buy something from it and I fought them for it saying that it was Tyrone's.
I told the person at the cash to give it to Tyrone and not to sell it, and headed toward the stairs. Then I woke up, or had another dream or something... Friend of Mr. Wieler's? o_O


Old Friends.

A week ago we went to the bowling alley with all of our friends from 2002. We really don't like DDR anymore. There are so many noobs, you don't know anyone anymore. It really isn't fun. We decided to make it exclusive, but it didn't work very well. We specifically said no uninvited significant others, but Jesse brought his girlfriend. Dave also showed up, which was creepy. He 'found out' about it, and decided to show up. o_O
It was fun. Me, Kathleen, the Keenan, Pat, Jesse, Sarah, Sassi, Jazz, Sam, Cody and Terrence were there, invited. Sassi and I were too broke to bowl, but we had fun anyway. Later we played pool and ate. Good times... had by all. Minus the Kayla and Daveness.
I also had quite a long conversation with Josh today, which is rare during exams. He was on his 30 minute to twelve hour break from studying. Wow, and now we have more old friends plans. I've just invited some old Science North friends to a game a Risk. :)
I really like how my computer is working this evening. It wasn't this morning, but it's been fun tonight. I have a befifit concert for the tsunami tomorrow, I'll get to see some newer friends.



The new version of Trillian has caused me nothing but trouble! Just after that week with no MSN, I stopped going on the computer so if anything went wrong my dad would have no one to blame, but I just started going on again, and this is the second day since I've come back, and as I sat down he told me "Oh yeah, I got rid of MSN, Outlook Express wasn't working so I assume MSN is doing that." RAGE
On a lighter note, I only have two exams! =D French and English. I assume they'll be pretty easy, French is just retarted because she'll keep doing something untill everyone in the class has the right answer, especially on tests, so I don't think the exam will be really difficult. With English, I can write exams, and I think I heard her say there was going to be two, and also she said she noticed our class sucked at grammar, so hopefully that's on the exam so I'll do well on it.
In my other classes I have a playing test (strings) Which I'm pretty confident about, although Micheala's going to do the best, meh. I'll do second best. XP
I've already handed in half of my final prject for hys Ed, now I have to do case studies and crap about dieting. I actually recognized some stuff right out of my elementary Health notes.
I still think Religion is the stupidest class. I want to take world religions, that actualy teaches you about religion, it's not as...stupid as this class. Not that religion is stupid neccisarily, but.... well, in our case studies we have a "book of faith" ... let me explain:
Page one: Book of Faith title page
Page two: Draw a picture of God
Page three: Name, address, birthday, closest church to your home, godparents, sacrements received, greatest accomplishments to date, most difficult moment to date (write in code if you wish o_O), greatest hope for the future. Describe your earliest memories of faith. Illustrate properly.

Page 4: Draw your sanctuary, the place where you feel most connected to God and to your spirit; the place where you feel the safest.

etc... there are seven pages.

My friend even asked her about it, something like why she needed to know our address, and she answered "Oh I don't know, I got this from a portfolio". There's also a test in religion. ....on Monday..... hmmm....

Enough about exams. We had a snow day! =D Not really, but buses were cancelled. But to answer the question in Al's blog "Where is the summer?" It's here. Or, was here. I rained for two days then froze overnight. I slept over at Colleen's the night before because I couldn't get home from NSA, and we walked to the bus stop near (if you can call it that) her house. On the way there was a coffee cup that had fallen on the ground next to a large blood stain. @_@ Then the bus never came, so we had to call a cab. What fun. T_T We played Scotland Yard at Andrew's, then I got a ride home.

In conclusion, I like pie. What I'm really trying to say is, I suck at concluding things. ...Maybe I won't do so well on that English exam....