I should probably be doing homework....

Eh, it's only worth 20% of my mark.
Yesterday I bought the Jorane live CD. It's very good. I couldn't find it for the longest time, I didn't know the music store had a seperate French section...... ^^;
This holiday has been odd. There were three major fires on Christmas eve, my uncle was fighting the largest, which was incidentally the closest to our house. I'm nearly done FFVII... I have that much free time this holiday, I just can't bring myself to do homework.
J'aime ma nouvelle CD. ...Zere can be only one french fry.

edit- Why is the French word for CD 'CD', but the French word for compact disc is disc compacte? o_O


Send me RAM!

My sister installed a new version of Trillian, but my computer can't handle it. She can't find the old one anywhere, and downloaded MSN for a night, but we can't get AIM because it has too much spyware. Lamps.
If any people in Sudbury are reading this, (and you know me), New Year's is at Steve's.
I haven't started my holiday homework. For Christmas I got The Salmon of Doubt and Risk.
Trillian is a jerk. That's all.


I'm posting!

I was going to write alot, but I'm lazy. Long story short, Sudbury has crappy drum circles, my dad moved the computer to a stupid place, and I'm on holidays and left my viola at school. Also, I have been informed that Dave is an ass. o_O


Ou est le Pamplemousse?

My computer hates you all. Trillian isn't opening at all for me, (but it does for my sister for some strange suspicious reason <.<), and I tried going to the realm and that didn't work either.
Trillian will load, but before it can connect to anything it 'performs and illegal operation'.
I only tried the realm once, so there's still hope, but I waited a long time then got 404'd. Ow, my browser.
I didn't think my blog would load either, but it obviously did. I don't knnow how to fix Trillian though, which has been like this for two days. :(