These films are twisted!

I borrowed the Nightmare Before Christmas DVD from Colleen today. I didn't watch the movie itself, as I've seen it a few times, but I watched all the special stuff on the DVD. All of the 'making of' stuff was interesting, but the one (or two) reason(s) I would tell anyone to get the DVD is for the section of 'Tim Burton's early films". They are twisted. I'm scared of Tim Burton. There's only two: Vincent, and Frankenweenie.
Vincent is a short animated story, about a seven year old who idolizes Vincent Price. The whole thing is narrated by Vincent Price too. It was Nightmare Before Christmas-ish, as expected. I can't say too much about it because it's so short... but I enjoyed it. It's a parody of The Rayven, only more strange. o.0
The next one, 'Frankenweenie' *snicker* was quite a bit longer, although I had my eyebrow raised the entire time. It's about a kid who tried to bring his dog back to life like Frankenstein. The whole town is scared of the dog and hate the family. It's completely ridiculous and lame. I like it. This one wasn't animated this time, but still in black and white.


Not today Jesus!

I thought I lost my Playstation today ;_; I turned it on when I got home so that I could play FFVII before Kathleen felt the need to play for four hours, but it was making a weird scratching noise. I opened it and took the disk out. Under the disc was a small piece of the part in the thing in the middle that makes it turn (I don't really know the technical terms for it okay <.<). I took it out and tried again because pieces have fallen off that in the past and it still worked, it wasn't the right part because it broke in the past and they wouldn't send us the part and we had to use one from an old Sony CD player. It wasn't reading. I went downstairs and told my dad, because he fixed it the first time it happened a couple years ago, but he didn't see the use since we hve a PS2, he told me to just stop playing the old one. I went upstairs and tried it again and it worked. o_O It lagged a hell of a lot, but it still works. Yay!


It's Magic

I moved from second floor at Science North to the exhibit hall. :) The hall right now is a magic sortof thing, where it shows you how some tricks work using science and tells you about old magicians. It's cool. I don't know any card tricks though. The tables at the back have three decks of cards and some paper cups, so I learned a trick with the paper cups so I'm not a total dissapointment when people ask for a trick. I like it a lot more than second floor. The staff isn't as lame. One of them is also in NSA (community band). I haven't seen him there though, but he does tricks at band. Magic is more fun than cleaning the children's area. I am happy with it so far.


Did I mention Ms. King is a nazi?

Today me and Kathleen were in the music room at the beginning of lunch and Ms. King came in and yelled at us and told us to go to the caf.
"Didn't you hear the announcements this morning?! No eating in ANY classrooms! You must eat in the cafeteria!"
My sister told her that this is where we also spent lunchtime, and that we weren't even eating, and didn't plan to while still in the classroom. M. King 'didn't like her tone'. Kathleen said that's how she normally spoke, and then Ms. King threatened to bring us to Mr. Del Riccio. I would have been fine with that because I know he would have agreed with us because we weren't doing anything wrong. When my friends came in they had similar stories about encountering Ms King in the halls just coming toward the music room. They all told her they just wouldn't eat. She came into the music room halfway through lunch, I supose expecting to find us eating, and send us all to the office or something, but we really didn't eat anything. Me and Sass saw her, it made me smile inside. She didn't look it, but she was so embarrassed. :)


Plans for the future

While Caitlin was talking to Mr. Weiler on Friday, Sassi and I planned most of our future. Amazing how much time we have on our hands.
For college, Colleen, Ian and I are going to Montreal. Me and Colleen will go to McGill and major in music, and Ian will be our translater. We're going to live somewhere together while we're in University. Sassi and Kathleen are going to Laurention and live together. Laurention is right here in Sudbury.
After living with my sister for four years, Sassi plans on marrying me when I'm 24. We're going to get married in Ireland and live in either Ireland or Scotland. We are going to wear dark brown cloaks over our wedding dresses, and have nine children. The first of course will be an adopted Irish boy, named Sir Reginald Edward Norman Oswald tthe second. ^_~ She had names for the rest, but I don't remember them.
Sassi also wants a pony, but I hate horses and ponies and everything of the sort. We agreed on a goat. we want an aquarium wall as well, but with cool fish in it. I'll probably name the fish because she's naming most of the kids.
Don't ask me how we're going to get the money, with me being a musician and her a librarian. Well, there's only so much you can plan before Caitlin's done talking to Mr. Weiler. It will happen dammit!