Rumours -- Pranks

The current biggest rumour in the school might result in Mr. Weiler quitting I've heard. Apparently, he teases the girls in his class with nicknames and things, I don't know exactly what he does because I'm not in his class, but one student complained to the school. Mr Weiler got in trouble apparently was crying in his grade nine science class. I don't know exactly what happened, but his science class is period 2, and I found out about this on the way to period four, my french class, where Sabrina was crying, and people were threatening to beat her up for making him quit. I heard later from the grade twelves though that it wasn't really Sabrina who called the school, it was some more popular giril who blamed it on some ninth grader...Sabrina. It's realy confusing. Girls fail at life.
The other, much less popular rumour, if you can call it that happened to my sister and friends. Ray and Kathleen have whiteboards on the outside of their lockers, on which they usually write little messages, and (although they've gotten used to it) the other seniors erase some letters to make it into a different sentence. Recently though, they came to their lockers and in permanent marker on the whiteboard it said "DYKE ASS FREAKS". They told the vice principal about the whiteboards and who they thought it was, simply because they owed them new whiteboards. He managed to get the permanent stuff off, so they aren't so worried about it. They know who did it, but they can't get her in trouble unless a teacher sees her with the marker. And on a lighter note,
Me and Colleen are so badass. ...Not really, our pranks are really lame. Not annoying Hallowe'en pranks even. See what I love about staying after school for the Christmas walk is well.. running around the school after hours. :) On thursday night, we rearranged HAPPY HALLOWEEN to HAPPO HELLANEWY, which actaually has a bit of a long story behind it, but I won't get into it. When we rearranged the letters though, we took the stapler from Ms Yawnee's room, while we were talking to her, and ran back to the music room. She didn't notice. We waited a while so it woulsn't be suspicious, then went back later and rearranged the letters, making quite a bit of noise just outside her open door as well. We looked into Ms Yawnee's classroom, and saw that she wasn't at her desk, so we went in to return the stapler. Apparently she was at the computer in the other end of hte room, and she asked us what we had been doing out there. o_o I let out a big UMMMMM and then told her we were setting up for the Christmas walk, then we ran. I don't even know if she noticed still, but she has an ok sense of humour, she wouldn't mind.
Another sortof not really prank thing, Colleen stole Ms Levec's TV from her classroom a while ago and brought it to the music room, and we decided we should bring it back, but her door was locked. We decided to put a note on her door that told her that we'd give back her TV if she kept the door unlocked after school while we were volunteering for the Christmas walk, but then some joke was made about a ransom note, and well... there was a newspaper lying on the coffee table...... So we cut out all the different letters and made a sign that said "If you ever want to see your TV again, leave your door unlocked after school" And she actually did, I brought it back tonight.
This was a longish post........I'm too tired to look over it, so if it doesn't make any sense to you then.......... You have no friends.


I wanted to be in advanced English, really I did.

The class isn't too easy, but the people are dumb. I got interims yesterday, and I got good in everything, end then...average in English? I thought it was my best subject.
The problem with that class is groupwork. We've had two classes with assigned groups, and both were horrible experiences.
The first one, my group was to summarize each scene in act two of The Merchant of Venice. When I got with my group, they asked me if I read the play, which I did. Apparently I was almost the only one. -_- They basically told me to do all the work since I'd read it. I started to do it, then I pointed out that there was already a summary of each scene before it in the book, so they didn't need me anymore and didn't pay attention to me.
Today was worse. We had two days to read about a ten page short story, and some people didn't finish it. How does that even work? This time, insteading of making me do it, they tried to wing it. They got the jist of the story I guess from what they read, but their problem was that they sucked at English. I tried to tell them over and over that their opening sentence didn't apply to what we were doing and wouldn't even make sense over and over, but they didn't listen to me or my friend's suggestions. Me and my friend got frustrated and went to sit by the window to complain about them. They yelled at us for not participating. Jessica Digby yelled at us for not particpating. Not even that, she asked me if I was taking part, and so I asked her if she'd read the story. She hesitated and said yes. That's odd, considering she said at the beginning of the class that she hadn't read it (and I hadn't seen her touch the textbook since she said it) and also that was the worst lie I've seen since visiting my cousins. Me and my friend went back to the window, and went back later to see what they'd done. After they asked for my input, I told them the part about their opening sentence again, and the girl who was writing said "Uh huh whatever." She gave me the paper so I erased to sentence and corrected it, and they still asked me why I was doing that. Class was then dismissed.
I wanted to be in advanced English, really I did. I actually tried to get higher in 80 last year so I could get into that class. When I got a schedule change, they asked me if I minded taking just the academic class because it conflicted, and I said yes because I liked the teacher and I would also be getting a better French teacher. Then Mr. Michaud left the school without telling us, so I have the crappy French teacher from before and I'm stuck in academic. I would switch to Ms Fahner's class next symester, but then I'd have to do all this Merchant of Venice crap again. And I'd probably need a better excuse for a schedule change two months in.


Uniform Nazis

Today was one of those off days where we have strings at the same time as Ms King has a music class, so I walked through the music room to get my viola from the violin room, and then go to the library for class. I pushed my sleeve up a bit so I could pick up the case when I got there without having my sleeve in the way. I was stopped in the middle of the room by someone pulling on my shirt tails. I turned around and saw Ms King, who yanked at them again and said "What is this?" I just said "Oh.." And tucked them into my vest. I guess that wasn't good enough. I thought I was done with her and turned back toward the violin room (so close yet so far...) She turned me around again and said, even louder this time "Not OH, teachers are sick of this!" And she tucked in the little bit that missed. She also told me to roll down my CUFFS. she actually made an announcement to her class that "If they are going to roll their cuffs, buy ashort sleeved blouse!" I mean, I knew they had a board meeting that told them to more strictly enforce the uniform, but my SLEEVE was pushed up! I thought I was in perfect uniform compared to yesterday. I wore my gym uniform pants ith a Wal-Mart blouse and red blazer, as oposed to the McCarthy's pants, with a McCarthy's blouse and navy blue MaryMount sweater. Lucky I didn't cross her path that day. @_@


Four Hours.

I notice weird things when I'm sitting in a car for four hours...
I noticed when we were driving through different towns hey would have signs that say "Tim Hortins! Fifteen minutes ahead on the left!" The reason I found this odd is because in Sudbury, you're ALWAYS within five minutes of a Tim Hortons (Canadian coffee/donut shop thing..).
Another thing I noticed just outside town, there's a water treatment place, and on the sign it said "Wanipitei Water Treatment", but on the sign coming into 'Wanipitei' it says "Welcome to Whanapitea". I'm pretty sure that one is right, but I dunno. Damn Aboriginal names.
Driving around that much makes you listen to a lot of different radio stations too. It seems every other town's radio stations are named after animals, "Fox 102", "98.5 the bear" etc.. but in Sudbury they're all anmed after letters, "Q92", "Z103" I guess they couldn't find any cool animals with names that start with Q of Z.
Anyway, after we finally got to Douglas, we had thanksgiving dinner....two days early, and then played playstation with my cousins all day (who by the way hate Final Fantasy). The next day my mom woke me and my sister up to tell us that she and Dad were going for a drive and would be back in an hour. After almost three hours, she returned and told us she didn't want to go to Stittsville anymore, after she told us both we could go to the market there. She didn't want to go because dad got lost on their drive and they took a bad road that made her carsick and stuff. My sister volunteered to drive, but my grandmother wouln't get in a car that Kathleen was driving, but my mom was eventually convinced. That was another hour and a half drive. We drove through Arnprior though. :) Reminded me of band trip. =P
Once in Stittsville we looked around, saw some nice scarves but they were upward of 12 dollars each. Saw three glowing Jesus plates and one with Mary on it. It seemed all the hottest things in Japan (even socks) were way overpriced, but we bought shirts from an indian booth and the shopkeep haggled for us. o_o When we got home, played more playstation, and our cousins left, and took their playstation with them. meh. That night the Final Fantasy movie was on TV, the ending sucked.
Today we went home. Another four hours driving, and I've been on the computer since we got back. And I seem to have made a longish post without it sucking.


A longish post...for once.

I hate making long posts, but I haven't in a while soo... blah.
Game Experts (more like SHAME experts!) has no friends. I walked over half an hour with two of my friends, only to find out that I don't have a renting account, and I can't get one because I don't have a drivers liscense and credit card. My friend Jesse had his liscense, but doesn't have a credit card so we went home empty-handed. :( Do they really think the kind of people renting games willbe over sixteen and have a credit card?!
Actually that was a while ago, but it's been a while since I posted so meh. This Saturday, me, my sister and our friend Sassi went to see Triplets of Belleville at the new cinema because the movies were free. On our way out, Sassi was dressed like..erm..how she always dresses, and my sister had her arm around her, and this kid goes bye and says "hookers 'r' us!". My sister was like "where?!" and he pointed to us. Kathleen later went on a rant about how much she looked like a hooker in her baggy jeans and blouse and vest etc... and pointed out that this girl outside the doors (who was really dressed kindof skanky) looked like a nun she was so modest...blahblahblah. When the girl from outside walked in Kathleen said, quite loudly, "omg nuns 'r' us!". Heh, and also my sister accidentally threw a pool ball accross the food court right by a security guard.
What else... oh, I need an idea for a fifty-thousand word novel. nanowrimo.com has details, but it's basically.... you have the entirety of November to write a novel with 50 000 words. About anything. Maybe I could write a book about the realm. ^^ Maybe not... *shrugs*
Speaking of the realm, I just realised today that once-off poster Super_Dude is my friends Seán. lol, AJ you said you hated him because hesaid you didn't research your weed. =P He said he forgot the URL so I gave it to him but he got disconnected. Crazy
See I hate writing long posts because I could have just said "Game experts has no friends. Went to the movies and got called a prostitute. I need an idea for a 50 000 word novel." But I figure you can have more than three sentences to read for once. Even though they suck. Meh.