75% Irish, 25% blonde.

I bleached the ends of my hair last night, I don't think any of you care since you never see me, but I thought I'd mention it.
I went to Douglas recently, to visit my grandparents. Wasn't as boring as I thought It'd be. I found some cool goggles for my Hallowe'en costume for $1. I also read my family tree, which took a long time, but turns out, no one interesting. A couple people who came here from Antrim Ireland, and had a bunch of kids.
School starts next week. First symester sucks for me. Ah well.



Okay I've been told to post more often, so prepare for boring entries! =D
I guess I'll talk about this summer.. It's basically been a two month party. Today is the first time in a while I haven't been with my friends, but I was soposed to be. Yesterday we watched some episodes from season six of Buffy, since Tai got the DVDs for his birthday. Fun stuff. Also, thankfully, the Keaneys' camp is at the end of the lake that isn't full of sewage, so we went for a boat ride.
I don't think I could even tell you about every time I went somewhere this week. I don't even know what day it is half the time, ah well. A while ago, we went to Sam's place, and played video games and stuff. I made a cool thing with K'nex. We went to Sarah's another time, and went to the park at umm.. I don't even know what time, but it was probably 1 AMish, and also hooked up a gamecube to her ancient TV, which worked, but it was really hard to see. Another day we went to the Keaneys' house and basically argued ..well, debated untill dawn. And once more, not long ago, everyone came here, and we played video games, and watched an anime thing. Um, that plus weekly DDR and beach meetings. Crazy summer.

There Clyde, not interesting, but something to read I guess. It also reminded me never again to play Donkey Kong at 3AM. o.o


Not-so-beautiful Music

Arg, I'm terribly out of practice. Today I had trouble hitting a high A. =/ It was a lot easier to practice last year, I had more time, and also some sheetmusic that I hadn't played a million times over. I can't make myself play if I know I'll be sitting there doing arpeggios and inversions for an hour, it's no fun. On the bright side, when I get back to school, I'll have high school music classes, and also in band we're playing Lord of the Rings. ^_^ I really hope we get to go on band trip again this year, it would be the last one with the people who taught me everything, although Mr. Van doesn't think it's a good idea to go two years in a row.
I might be a little less impressed with the high school music classes once I start taking them, but ANYTHING is better than my past two years in music. One year of about 50 different versions of mary had a little lamb with Mrs. Cummins, followed by a year of Ms. King sitting back and letting us teach grade sevens.
*crosses fingers for next year*