Summer. It's.. a season.

I can't concentrate on anything lately. I don't know why, but I have to force myself to do everything. Probably why it's been so long since my last post. Actually, that's mostly because my computer is an asshat.
Umm.. Right, a not so lame post this time.
Yesterday we went to the beach, but we never got around to building our giant sand Pac-Man maze. It was fun nonetheless. The summercamps started, and invaded our usual spot on the beach. It wasn't quite as fun as scaring away all the kids by singing 'Trogdor' at the top of our lungs like last year, but we managed to bug them anyway. Just when we were making fun of how they treat the kids, one of the counselers said "When I call your number come here and line up. Number 1.." and that just made us laugh, why not just give them barcodes?
Later on we went to the playground and played grounder. Why is it so much more fun than it was when I was 9? Although it is sortof difficult to play with your eyes closed when there are children running around the park.
Also this week I went to whitewolf. It was confusing when I was there, seeing how I haden't read any of the books, now it makes more sense. I want to set myself on fire.
I should practice flute now so Sarah doesn't kill me.



Tomorrow, (today rather...it's kinda late) I'm going to Science North again, which isn't so bad, unless you're accompanied by 3 younger cousins. *sigh* Of course, after waking up early, and going out to Long Lake to visit said releatives, plus a few more. THEN I go to SN,(I reeeeally hope Heather can make it.Save me Heather!) Ummm. I definately won't be pinning pupae this week, that was last week, and a lot less hilairious. I now hate butterflies with a fiery passion that consumes my soul. The shipment was late or something, and there was a lot of pre-emerged pupae, which is messy and smelly, and evil. I came in for the second half of the process, and I imagine the first was worse, considering all the ..*hem* fluids from the unsuccessful pre-emergees. Also, the more experienced girl took a fifteen minute break, and during this time, 4 butterflies emerged, which I didn't know what to do with, and were very.......disobidiant. Anyway, after tomorrows visit, I get to go back to the rest of the relatives, and stay there till the next day. Harrah.
...Also my feet hurt.

...Sorry this was kind of a gloomy entry, I'll get over it.