Canada's Really Big. ---Happy birthdays

Happy Birthday Kathleen, happy Birthday Canada. Sorry I ate your leprachaun. And happy birthday Spiderman 2. See you tonight.
And Kathleen, if you're reading this, I have one thing to say to you. This ain't ovah. >.>



I should rename this place "I like caterpillars"

So much for posting everyday. I actually did type up a big long post, which involved a little more XDing at caterpillars, and then I go upstairs for half an hour of so, and back down to the computer, which is now shutting down. Thanks dad. >.>
Anywho, lets get back to today. Today I went to DDR, and for once, I really pwned Max. Ha. Good ol Superstar, gotta love those rolls eh. Holic, not so much, it used to be my song, and today when I played it Max beat me up a bit. :( Damn you and your having it at home! I'm going to find out exactly what songs you have at home and pick all songs that you can't do at home! Whore.
I can't really think of anything else of today, except maybe a visit to the park where there was a planning (wishful thinking) of Sudbury's first anime con.
Well I guess I'll catch up on those days I didn't post then.
I guess it all starts with that party I almost posted about......I met a bunch of my sister's school friends, along with some people who were already my friends. I would try to befriend these people, but Kathleen would again accuse me of "stealing her friends." ...
On to the caterpillar part. ^_^ Well it is catterpillar season after all. Anywho, At said party, some veggies and dip were served, and we later found the cucumbers were...bad. So we found this caterpillar and...we dipped a bunch of the cucumbers in lots of dip and made the caterpillar a nice fort. ^-^ Well, he pretty much drowned in the dip, but I'm sure he died happy. ^_~
Then later that night at the fire, Steve threw a caterpillar into the fire, which was mildly amusing, but then the caterpillar came out of the fire, all singed, and....wigly. So Steve reached to throw it back in, but we stopped him, he deserves to live after that, I mean come on! He has to go back and tell all his caterpillar buddies about his adventure! He would be a hero! But then, he starts heading back toward the fire. *-.- That's when we decided maybe it didn't really deserve to live all that much, but we figured he was blinded a bit... so we let him live. Of course at this time we were all watching it admirally, when my dad comes over to drop a bit more wood in the fire, and steps on him in the process. It's not how he was meant to die dammit!!!;_;
Heh, ya, caterpillars are funny. So after this, I went downstairs and posted ALL about it, well, not all, but I could touch it up when I come back downstairs... And blahblah, I already explained. And then when I tried to go back on he told me I'd had enough internet for the day. So then I stayed up untill 2 AM playing FFVII ^_^
On another note, Kitty moved a bunch of songs from her laptop to this computer, so I now have some awexome techno! ...And some other stuff too.....
Oh ya, I guess I could also mention my sister went to Victoria today, and won't be back for 3 weeks maybe. She's gonna miss Canada day partying! ^_^ On her birthday. *shakes head*
Well, there's my life (or lack there of) this week. Are you enjoy?



Welp, absolutely nothing of interest has happened between now and then, except Kitty bought me some MANGO FLAVOURED JUICE CRYSTALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And also, I had a bottle of pepsi. That's MY excuse for this post, where's YOURS?! Yep, you should probably never speak of this post again, I did this purely out of boredom (I got bored of the springy monkey... I think he left....bastard.>.>)
Wallawalla bingbang!


Happy Everything!

Happy Birthday The Realm!!!!!!!!
Not much else to say on the subject really... I guess it has the same b-day as Kristin. :-) Happy birthday to the both of you.
Happy last day of schhol for secondary people!!!!!!!!
I'm gonna miss grade 12s so much!!!!;_; Caitlyn :( Cheryl :( Sam:( ..I got a couple hugs from Serena too... :(
Now I want the my other friends fail next year so they don't graduate! Ray's already decided that's NOT the best strategy. :-þ
Also, I'm not in secondary, so I still have a week of school but hey! I don't have exams!!! Nananana! (By the way get well soon Heather!) This week is gonna be crappy 'cos a lot of my friends are secondary. :( We're not going to have a lot of classes, we're going to the showcase dance, which I'll probably skip, and the next day to Harry Potter, after that is the last day, which I plan on getting out of early to go to Ray Ray's (if I can get away with it.)
Happy food in the house! My mom got paid today! Which is good, because I finished off the mushrooms :þ. My dad hasn't been having a crapload of money lately because both jobs kind of depend on gas, which in case you haven't noticed is a little pricey lately... So, drivers-ed and motorcycle instructor are not the top jobs as of late.

Oh ya, an added section for today, Reno wanted the origin of my nickname Fuzzy Spatula, but I didn't have time to tell it all, so I was sopposed to E-mail it to him. I'm not really an E-mail person, and Bubbles asked me today, so I'm taking the lazy way out of this one. *Copy paste!*

BubblesNK2507: (afer telling me where Bubbles came from) Does that answer your question? What about you....whered yours come from
Spatulated One: looong story..kindof...:P
Spatulated One: Ummm, me, and.. my sister, and my friends, were all obsessed with X-men, so obviously we have both PS games, and we got some cheats for some new battle arenas and one was pool party and it changed everyones clothes to beach clothes, and weapons to pool/BBQ stuff, and my favorite character had his sword changed to a spatula (This is gonna maybe take up 3 posts by the way)
Spatulated One: In school we had to colour posters of Marymount students that are sopposed to be ourselves, but they all looked the same, so I coloured myself blue with yellow eyes (like nightcrawler) and made myself hold a spatula, and wrote SPATULA! across the middle...That's where the spatula part came (This was in gr.7) ...(age 12-13)
Spatulated One: Also, last year my friend Jazz and I would mess each others hair when we passed each other and yelled fuzzy! And one day she called me a fuzzy spatula as a stupid insult, and people have been calling me that since. :)
BubblesNK2507: i see

Now if Reno decides to ever read this he'll get his answer. Ü

Good day all!


Another day, another layout.

I must say, I normally avoid things the same colour as my uniform, but I needed a change and this suited. I had an odd green layout for about 5 minutes, but I didn't like how the words were all over, it didn't have those nifty boxes that this one does. There was one other colour of this one, but I decided to refrain from blinding the reader(s) ...
Yep, Now you're all jealous of my stylin' new template. :-þ

On to a new subject.................
The Backstreet Boys owe my sister a new pair of pants. Ü
I think that's the best way to bring up the arts banquet. It was pretty fun, but the food was horrible. There was a few hilarious dances, the Baby Got Back song was fun to watch and also our little episode of Bohemian Rhapsody.Ü Also the slow dancing with Jazz, every other song we basically danced the macarana to. The best dance of the night though had to be Rock Your Body. I'll never forget telling Sarah and Mr. Van that my sister ripped her pants, to look over to see her runnning to the bathroom holding the seat of her pants.


I'm gonna go in the bush and TICKLE COCOONS! Wanna come with?!

That's right. This Saturday at Science North when I would normally be telling tourists about how Sudbury has more rocks than them, I spent the day in ...THE BUTTERFLY LAB! It was about 38 celcius in there with 40% humidity. *-.- We got a new shipment of butterfly pupae, and my job was to unwrap them,and glue the ones without enough silk to pin, to smallsquares of paper. Little did I know, pupae tend to wiggle when they are ..annoyed, which makes them VERY difficult to glue to paper. After I got used to it it was actually pretty amusing, espacially after they were glued. IT WAS LIKE THE PAPER SQUARE WAS DANCING!!!!XD
So, the title comes from me telling Max, and he wanted to see, so I told him either to come to SN in 2-3 weeks or go tickle some cocoons. ..Guess which he chose. :) (Maybe that should be "You know which you chose.", As Max seems to be the only one who reads this thing. Yep, I guess people who AREN'T freaks would find this pretty uninteresting.... so, hope for something better next week! YEAH!



I haven't been up to posting these past ...yesterday, Do you expect me to post everyday?! Or rather, my computer hasn't been up to letting me. So to sum up the ..day I missed, I was stuck downtown for 4 hours and my teeth really hurt.
As for today, I went to the bookstore, and I was actually pretty disgusted. I looked in the teens section and saw titles like "Gossip Girl" or "On the Brightside I'm Now the Girlfriend of a Sex God". So I turned around to the (age)9-12 section, and saw things like "Zombie Butts from Uranus" and an entire rack of Lizzie McGuire (no offence Sassi), which from what I've seen, is basically about a girl who spends her days swooning or a thick-headed jock (Craft?). So in the end, I headed for the Sci-fi section, although that particular bookstore (Coles) doesn't have the largest selection for window shopping.... meh.

...And also I'm almost out of school... Which made me excited untill I found out how much time off Niamh gets. :-þ


One post blogs are boring. TWO POST'D!

Today I told all my RL friends about my blog, expecting them to be jealous, but instead they were all "We all have live-journals, not blooogggs!". So... other than that, nothing too interesting happened..except getting yelled at for eating all the pie. o.o
And also I got a Spiderman toy out of the cereal box! :D
Highlight of my day.
Yep... This is a very pointless post.. but hey, veggies....


Happy Seb?

Tada! I made a blog.:) Now you all get to see what I do all day!

Well this morning I slept in (five minutes before the bus usually comes) so I didn't realise I put my blouse on inside-out and I had also misplaced my vest, so I had to borrow the offices sweater. Yay for un-air-conditioned schools!
During school, since it's too late in the year for teachers to care about me catching up after band trip, I spent my classes reading The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
After school I discovered a lack of keys, so I waited outside in unbearable heat for an hour before my sister got home and unlocked the door. Luckily I had books. :)
Then once inside I went online, and Seb told me to make a blog. Then I made a blog. ...myes.

Now you're all jealous of my blog.