All Star Band

Northern Ontario's All Star band began last night at 7ish, with a readthrough of all of our music. The music is not too difficult if you look at it for a while. We're playing: William Byrd Suite, Montematre Mach, 'Round Midnight, Procession of the Aliens, When Agels Weep and Nobody Knows. The band seems pretty good but less people practiced their music than I expected. I'm looking forward to clinics and sectionals tomorrow.


Gig tomorrow

Tomorrow is our last gig until Easter time that we know of. We have two fifteen minute sets in the afternoon. Our first set has songs Like.. Our on the Ocean, Foggy Dew, Cahnter's tune, Fortune from Feller/I'se the By and Banshee/Colleys' reel and Gravel Walks. The second set has Gravel Walks again, Star of the County Down, Emilie's dancing to Cahnter's, Butterfly and St Anne's reel. I am definitely forgetting some. This will be Tilly's first performance with us playing bass. I think it will sound good even though we haven't gotten together lately with everyone because Marla nd Emilie are busy. I'm exctied to play there because many people there will know the words and recognize the songs and enjoy the show more than the people of Walden.
After that I have no idea what I'm doing for March break.


I'm Busy

But I haven't forgotten this place. Yet...


We're Successful!

Me, Emilie and the Harings are started to get paid for gigs! The other night we did two fiddle/Irish music workshops and we got two more gigs. We're soposed to open for some Canadian Idol guy real soon and the other gig is just a tiny two song thing.
The Canadian Idol thing is a huge workload though. It's on the 11th or 12th, I don't remember. We need 45 mins of music and we found out a few days ago. Exams just started and our first practice since then was cancelled today due to some 25 cm of snow...
We plan to have practices pretty much every day after we finish exams as long as we can find a place to. Emilie also plans to teach me and the Harings some dance stuff because she doesn't want to be the only one dancing all the time.
I dunno how much we're getting paid, but she said she usually does $100 and hour. I'm excited to play.



I thought holidays were time to relax. I have litterally gone out every night since the holidays started, expect for the nights when people came here. Most nights are fun, but I never actually find time to do my homework or practice people people are always here. I think this is probably the first afternoon I've spent alone in my basement, but Colleen wants to go out tonight. I probably won't go. I'll probably practice.


Busking was Super!

We made en9ough mooney nto bu7uy and iPod! We figure we got abo9ut $50 and hour. We came up with $205.52 "I think.
Alswo Igo0t new mittens yesterday.
It is difficult to type with mittes. Also it is hard to p[lay piano with mittens on.


Idly idle dee

I found my good tinwhistle! :D
Which is good, because my other one has a crack. The crack doesn't affect it really, but I'm afraid I'll make it worse, so it's really nice to have my good one. :)
I did an audition thingy for the talent show deal with Emily and some Harings doing some fiddle and Irish dance stuff. I kinda faked it the second time through because I was tired because it was halfway through band practice, but I'm sure we got in anyway.
Last night us strings folk played at some fancy hotel for some fancy party with no chairs. They fed us, and paid us $500!
Next weekend some Harings and more stringsenites are busking in the Hanmer mall and giving money to people who need it for band trip because of our money woes. It's totally better than selling crap.